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About Israel Executive

Why choose our services

Unparalleled industry knowledge & professionalism.


Israel Executive is the premiere recruitment team sourcing English speaking candidates for Israel’s leading corporations. Our Israel Executive community is composed of top tier Olim, and the upper echelon of Israelis returning to the local business sector in recent years. This new wave of Aliyah is bringing highly educated individuals, with impressive career experience, and significant international business networks to the Startup Nation. This global-minded workforce is an invaluable treasure for Israeli companies interested in expanding worldwide and better servicing the global markets. Israel Executive also has unparalleled reach, connecting top professional talent interested in relocating to Israel.

Our process

Leader in market penetration & global reach.


Our database for sourcing positions has tens of thousands of individuals receiving our substantive executive job postings.  Our unique hybrid business model balances traditional job recruiting success-based-fee placements for executive positions, with our pro bono work for NGO job openings. We scour the local and international markets for ideal candidates, handpicking the best CVs for review after in-depth one-on-one consultation with employers.  Our success rate is noteworthy, we stand by our work, and are proud of the companies in Israel we have helped grow.  We look forward to working with you.

Our vision

Israel Executive’s goal is to ensure the top companies in Israel fill their executive openings with the ideal English speaking candidates.


Our vision is focused on Olim having the career they came to Israel for, not just a job.


Our Israel Executive team is comprised of Western Olim with years of experience in recruitment both in Europe and the US. We work hard to provide a complete service to both our candidates and employer clients.


Contact us for testimonials and references. Please note that we will always keep the private details of our client companies in full confidence.


Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

Ella, HR Manager in High-Tech, Tel Aviv: We have been working with Israel Executive for a few months and are impressed by their professionalism. They have provided excellent candidates, and have been extremely helpful during the whole recruitment process. Our consultant has always been attentive to our company's needs.

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